Oh, let it rain!

It was a scorcher today.. again.

BUT it is raining right now 🙂

So I guess the rain dance worked…

I hope it pours because my poor plants need it!

I bought the new Cooking Light magazine last night! I couldn’t wait to dig into it today!

I love this magazine!! The recipes are delicious!

My snack today was an interesting combination…

Pistachios do remind me of eating potato chips!!

 They are just the healthier version! 😉

I just recently started craving kiwis! 🙂

You will notice that I try to eat a different fruit everyday!

Fruit is so good for you!  I can’t believe I used to be scared to eat fruit!

Sometimes you just have to have some coconut water!  Pineapple is my favorite flavor!

I haven’t posted about how much water I drink yet but I try to drink over 5 glasses a day!

Water is my main drink majority of the time.

Except in the mornings… that’s coffee time 😉

After work I hurried home to get ready for step class!!

Once again it kicked my rear-end.


Everyone needs a good swift kick sometimes 😉

While trying to get dinner ready I put out some black olives to eat.

Mr. S  apparently hasn’t eaten olives out of the can before because he spit the olive out after trying it.  Too funny 😉

I love them this way!



Lemon peppered tilapia with fresh lemon on the side, baby brussels sprouts with a butter sauce, and sweet potato fries!

The perfect meal! 🙂


Hope you have a GREAT night!

Bunches of love,




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