You win some and you lose some!

Today was one of those days! When you felt like you should have gone back home and gotten back into bed and done the whole day over. The day wasn’t too bad though. Always try to keep a smile on that face 😉 Four more days until I get two weeks of vacation! Yay! Today’s snack was … Continue reading

Blueberry benefits!

Good Morning Everyone!! I bought new placemats! I hope you like them! 🙂 You will notice my favorite color is red! 😉 I know many of us have eaten fruit and thought while eating it that it is really good for us.  Well you know that but do you know how good it is for you? Blueberries have … Continue reading

AH!! It’s a mouse!!

Ok, so I was getting groceries and the first thing I went to pick up was cat litter. Well I decided that Sebastian needed a new mouse and one that squeaks. So I just threw it into the basket not knowing that the entire time it would squeak as I walked past people. Everyone in … Continue reading

Spice it up!

Before leaving for town I grabbed a nutritious snack! Red grapes… Yum….!! I cannot believe how hot it is outside!  This is crazy! I’ve spent the whole day shopping around for new things for the kitchen, clothes, and an anniversary gift for Mr S. Now I am back home and about to put up the … Continue reading

The weekly routine!

 So this is completely true..   It’s been a year now since I have lost 25 pounds! I will tell you about my life’s story one day. I promise!  I have eaten oatmeal for breakfast for the past year.. until today! I decided to change my “creature of habit” tendencies  again!  😉 Breakfast sandwich with coffee! Now the coffee … Continue reading

Wedding success!

Phew!  I cannot believe today is over!  The day started out at the church for pictures at 9:30am then the wedding began at 12pm. Me and my assistant (my mom) had a great time today but it sure was a work out going up and down the steps constantly! That church had A LOT of steps. 🙂 After … Continue reading

Wedding bells

I changed my breakfast! I substituted walnuts for macadamia nuts and added fresh strawberries! Not too bad! 😉 I had added fresh strawberries before and didn’t like it but today…. I loved it! I don’t have much time to chat this morning! I have a wedding to photograph! 😉 Off to see the wizard, -MegS

The weekend begins!

Finally! It’s the weekend!  I bet everyone is thankful for that as well. Me and Mr. S get to spend some time together today because he is off work! I didn’t manage to get a picture of dinner but I did get a picture of dessert! 😉 Check this out… Perfect huh? These DELISH things are called brownie cookies! … Continue reading

Blueberry Delight!

I am so ready for the weekend!  This week has gone by so fast and I have been sooo busy! As my blog progresses, I will begin to go more into detail about certain fruits and how beneficial they are for us. SNACK TIME! Oikos blueberry greek yogurt, chopped walnuts, and fresh blueberries! I am … Continue reading

It’s Friday!

Every morning while I am eating breakfast I watch the news and write my blog post. On the news this morning they were talking about the shooting at a Colorado movie theater. That is so sad! I couldn’t imagine someone having planned someting so horrible like that. Breakfast was VERY good this morning! I enjoyed … Continue reading