You win some and you lose some!

Today was one of those days!

When you felt like you should have gone back home and gotten back into bed and done the whole day over.

The day wasn’t too bad though.

Always try to keep a smile on that face 😉

Four more days until I get two weeks of vacation! Yay!

Today’s snack was pretty good!

Thomas cinnamon raisin bagel thin with Laughing Cow Cheese in cinnamon cream

I LOVE these bagel thins!

You can usually find Thomas bagel thin’s at Sam’s club!

Walgreens carries this small magazine that’s called “Diabetes and You.”

I always pick one up every month when I go to Walgreens and they are FREE!

The literature inside of them is great! Check it out…

Every single month it contains information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So whenever you are in Walgreens ask them for one! 🙂

Ok.. So you win some and you lose some.

I tried a new experiment for dinner tonight and I wasn’t too crazy about it.  For some reason it tasted too sweet.

Tomato, onions, kalamata olives, spinach dip, fresh spinach, and a whole wheat tortilla

I was trying to make a spinach veggie wrap but I will definitely have to work with this experiment a little more.

I sautéed the onions.  I do not really like to eat onions that are not sautéed.

These are new to me!  I have not ever had kalamata olives that I know of.

I tried them for the first time about two months ago and decided to try to use them today.

I really like olives 🙂

These guys sure are strange-looking.

After putting this together I decided to add some turkey meat because the sauce wasn’t the consistency that I was hoping for.

So it was… eh… ok.

I will try to make the spinach dip homemade next time and that may make a difference.

I think the flavor of the olives was competing too much with some of the flavors in the spinach dip.

Lesson learned.

I have to get back to editing wedding pictures!


Your sunshine on a rainy day,



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