The weekly routine!

 So this is completely true..

  It’s been a year now since I have lost 25 pounds!

I will tell you about my life’s story one day. I promise!

 I have eaten oatmeal for breakfast for the past year.. until today!

I decided to change my “creature of habit” tendencies  again!  😉

Breakfast sandwich with coffee!

Now the coffee part probably won’t change. 😉

I just LOVE vibrant colors!!

My weekly routine consists of cleaning the house every Sunday and restocking the cabinets with delicious food!

To me Sunday’s feel like the day that you prepare yourself for the beginning of the week.  I do love preparation!

I usually do not like to be unprepared. 😦

Me and Mr. S have an anniversary coming up soon so I need to go to town and get some ideas on what to get him!

I added a picture of Mr. S on my about me page so check it out. 🙂

I am going to do some more editing this morning and then head off to my little adventure!


Much love,



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