Wedding success!

Phew!  I cannot believe today is over!  The day started out at the church for pictures at 9:30am then the wedding began at 12pm.

Me and my assistant (my mom) had a great time today but it sure was a work out going up and down the steps constantly! That church had A LOT of steps. 🙂

After the wedding we went to pick up Mr. S and headed for something quick to eat.

I usually do not eat at fast food places unless I am utterly exhausted and that is my only choice.  I tend to choose Subway if that is the case. 

But today Mr. S chose Wendy’s!  I was so confused at the counter on what I wanted because I was desperately looking for something grilled!

Mr. S knew exactly what to get!

I knew exactly what I wanted to get..


Me and Mr. S split it because I was already getting full by the time I got to it! 😉

After a few hours of editing pictures it was time for dinner!

This is one of my favorite meals.  I LOVE this!

Whole wheat waffles with peanut butter and fresh blueberries!


After dinner we went to Mr. S ‘s parents house and went for a walk!

Check out the shoes!

Mr. S has a pair too 😉

Jerri walked with us and she brought along a friend..

His name is Tater!  We have a funny relationship considering I am a cat lover.

But dogs are cute too! 😉

The walk was long and great! I love Jerri’s new shoes! I have a thing for Asics.

I am officially pooped. exhausted. tired. sleepy. sore.

All of the above 😉


Sweet dreams,



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