It could happen to you!

So I have a play-by-play of this morning in pictures!

No, this isn’t about a sporting event unless you consider putting on make up a sport. I could see that!

So after I took this goofy picture, I begin to notice that my hair looked a little crazy.

I see that a BIG strand of hair (on my left) is just flying in the wrong direction and sticking out horribly. I am trying to get it to stay with the other curls!

As I was doing that, I noticed something else.

Look closely at my face. What do you notice?


Where are my EYELASHES???????????

I forgot to put on mascara this morning so I have had to go all day without it. It makes you feel weird.

Mostly because mine tend to be very light after applying cream colored eyeshadow.

What a day! 🙂

Hope you’re day is going as planned,



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