The days end

As the day is ending, I feel relieved! I got off work early today!

So I have gotten caught up on everything that I have needed to do for the past few days!

I decided to break out one of my favorite fruits!


When I was younger, I actually did not like cantaloupe. I don’t know why? I guess as you get older your taste buds change! My family usually likes to put salt on their piece of cantaloupe but I just like it plain. 🙂


I decided to have it for dessert after dinner!

Dinner was DELISH!

I had tilapia with lemon pepper seasoning and sweet potato fries!

Using lemon pepper seasoning on tilapia is my favorite way of cooking it! I will also add a small amount of lemon juice to it while it is cooking. I have to be careful with the lemon pepper seasonings. I do not like the ones that taste more like pepper than lemon.

Bon Appetit! 😉

Your lemon lovin’ gal,



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