Birthday Bash

I headed out of town to my parents house to celebrate my brother’s birthday that is coming up on July 17th.  He is going out of the country tomorrow so we won’t get to celebrate it then.


We had a wonderful dinner!  My mom made red beans and rice with coleslaw!  I didn’t manage to get a picture of that but I did get a picture of this bad boy.


(Yes, that cheesecake right there is from the Cheesecake Factory.)

I usually do not like cheesecake and decided to try this one. WOW!  Amazing!  I guess that is why they say Cheesecake Factory is the best. Yum!

Before we indulged in the delicious cheesecake we were all outside drawing on the driveway.  Yes, that’s right.  We were drawing with chalk on the driveway.  On that note, there is someone that you just have to meet. 🙂

My nephew, Mason.  He is one of the most adorable kids I think I have ever seen.  He has a cute personality too!  Just get him to say the word “cheese” and your heart just melts.  He is learning all kinds of new words.  When you hear a little child learn new words for the first time and how they pronounce them, it is so adorable!


Everyone was trying to teach Mason how to write with chalk.  I think he was somewhat getting the hang of it but he kept wanting to know what the chalk tasted like.

This is my brother Garrett with Mason.  They are baseball cap buddies and not only that but they are four-wheeler buddies too! 😉

Here are Mason’s two beautiful parents! My brother Matt and my sister-in-law Melissa!  Now you see why he looks like a model! 😉


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